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Title: William Kentridge: Prints, Author: William Kentridge
Title: The First Texans, Author: Carolyn Mitchell Burnett
Title: Case in Point, Author: Mark Gozonsky
Title: Reciprocating Gas Compressors, Author: Jeanette R. Paxson
Title: Call Waiting: God's Invitation to Youth, Author: Kay Wilson Shurden
Title: The Haunted Tunnel, Author: Jacqueline Stem
Title: Coal Mining: A Petex Primer, Author: Jean Pietrobono
Title: Brian Robertson's Favorite Texas Tales, Author: Brian Robertson
Title: Ghost Stories of Old Texas, III, Author: Zinita Fowler
Title: The Unicorn Without a Name, Author: Sharon Lee Karim
Title: Cased-Hole Logging, Author: Jeanette Reynolds
Title: Well Cementing, Author: Cinda Cyrus
Title: Mike's Oil Patch, Author: Dorys Ward
Title: Sarah's Flag For Texas, Author: Jane Alexander Knapik
Title: The Many Adventures of Minnie, Author: Jan S. Hart
Title: Making Hole, Author: Charles Kirkley
Title: Drilling a Straight Hole, Author: Nancy J. Janicek
Title: Corrosion Control, Author: Charles Kirkley
Title: Couturiere of Galvez, Author: Wanda Dionne
Title: Toby and the Phantoms of the Fourth Grade, Author: Art Wallace

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