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Title: STRANGELY DIM: Discovering God's Light When Your Commitment to Him Leaves You in the Dark, Author: Heather Anderson
Title: IN THE GARDEN: A 40-Day Journey of Hope and Healing, Author: Nichole Fogleman
Title: The Greatest Version of Yourself: A Journey Within, Author: Federico Siggillino
Title: EAT. SLEEP. MOVE. BREATHE: The Beginner's Guide to Living A Healthy Lifestyle, Author: Lars Thestrup
Title: Saving Joey: A True-life Story, Author: Joseph K Wood
Title: Breaking the Barriers to Belonging: United by Our Biology and Shared Humanity, Author: Dr. Pascal Losambe
Title: Odd Moms Out: God's Redemptive Grace in the Lives of Five Biblical Mothers, Author: Tamar Miller
Title: COMING CLEAN, Author: W. Kent Levis
Title: Mathematical Devotionals, Author: Dale K. Hathaway
Title: Jake the Deer-Hearted, Author: Deborah Kuster
Title: A Recipe For Biblical Success: A Guide to Honor God in the Pursuit of a Successful Life, Author: Jason Coache
Title: A Recipe For Biblical Success Workbook: A Guide to Honor God in the Pursuit of a Successful Life, Author: Jason Coache
Title: Once There Was a Girl: A Memoir, Author: Wendy R. Randall
Title: Where the Water Rages: A Novel, Author: Jacquelyn Sill
Title: Covenant Childbirth: Spiritual hope for expectant mothers and families struggling with childbirth, Author: Callistus Ike
Title: Finding God, Finding Me: How I met God as an ordinary teenager, Author: Izzy Koo
Title: Jesus Loves Thick Chicks: Finding Freedom in Jesus from Body Negativity, Food Issues, and More, Author: Eva Liebich
Title: Beyond Charity: A Sojourner's Reflections on Homelessness, Advocacy, Empowerment and Hope, Author: PhD.  DeBorah Gilbert White
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Title: Gaudy Baubles and Fartworms: An insider's guide to welfare, Author: Terry R. Smith
Title: Trust Me: Through the Eyes of a Survivor, Author: Victoria M Caputo

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