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Title: Rowing, Author: R. Vincett
Title: Badminton, Author:
Title: Golf, Author: Professional Golfers' Association Staf
Title: Backgammon, Author: W. H. Copeland
Title: Target Shooting, Small-Bore Rifles and Air Rifles, Author: G. C. Farnell
Title: Inn Games: Darts, Dominoes, Card Games, Skittles, ETC., Author:
June 16th
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Title: Table Tennis, Author: Jack Carrington
Title: Swimming, Author: Thomas Eric Sanders
Title: English Folk Dancing, Author: Jack Hamilton
Title: Athletics, Author: Carl T. Johnson
Title: Scrabble, Author: David Pritchard
Title: Trampolining for All Ages, Author: Ted Blake
Title: Squash Rackets, Author: Squash Rackets Association Staff
Title: Card Games, Author: David Pritchard
Title: Patience Games: Card Games, Author: David Parlett
Title: Chess, Author:
Title: Women's Hockey, Author: All England Women's Hockey Association Staf
Title: Life Saving, Author:
Title: Cycling, Author:
Title: Minor Games and Relay Activities, Author: Robin Sykes

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