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Title: Road Rager: Dark Drivers, Author: Eric M. Esquivel
Title: Vampirium: Millennium of Shadows, Author: Justin Cline
Title: Heir to Fire: Zephyr Mesa, Author: Rob M. Worley
Title: Evolver: Apex Predator, Author: Jason Arnett
Title: Valkyra: Destiny’s Spear, Author: Paul D. Storrie
Title: Toltec: Enemy Within, Author: William Messner-Loebs
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Title: Reckers: Absolute Mechanization, Author: Jeff Limke
Title: Me/2: The Chaos Engine, Author: Justin Cline
Title: Heir to Fire: Gila Flats, Author: Rob M Worley
Title: Prototype: Alphas Omega, Author: Alan Grant
Title: Royal Crown Mystery Detective League: Web of Darkness, Author: Dan Wickline
Title: Knight Star: Knight of the Starborne, Author: Aaron Rosenberg
Title: Agent of Danger: Strange Polarity, Author: Jason Arnett
Title: The Legend of Tiger Fist: Enter the Tiger, Author: Rob M. Worley
Title: Megamatrix: Hero Within, Author: Jake Bell
Title: Wonderworld: Kingdom in Crisis, Author: David Odell
Title: Upgrader: Adaptation, Author: Terry Tibke
Title: Upgrader: Re-Engineered, Author: Terry Tibke
Title: Monstrous: Blood and Gold, Author: Justin Cline
Title: Dragonblood: The Awakening, Author: Christopher E. Long

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