Title: Mystery Follows Her: A Cozy Mystery Multi-Author Collection, Author: Dianne Ascroft
Title: Scoring Over the Holidays: (A Holiday Sports Anthology), Author: Megan Ryder
Title: Realms Of Horror, Author: A. F. Stewart
2 in Series
Title: Very Merry Christmas Bundle, Author: Rebecca M. Senese
Title: Stories From The Scratching Post, Author: Kristine Kahtryn Rusch
Title: Neo Cyberpunk, Author: Luke Hancock
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Title: The Cassidy Chronicles, Author: Adam Gaffen
Title: Doorway Into Faerie, Author: Jamie Ferguson
3 in Series
Title: Dukes of Harem Anthology: A Collection of Science Fiction & Fantasy Stories., Author: Xavier Thorn
Title: Happy New You, Author: Laura Lee
Title: Sci-Fi Stories - Future Earth Tech, Author: Barbara G. Tarn
Title: Sci-fi Stories - Earth Colonies, Author: Barbara G. Tarn
Title: Blurred Timelines, Author: Barbara G. Tarn
Title: A Falsetto Of Fury, Author: Amir Lane
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Title: Cat Tales Issue #2, Author: Steve Vernon
2 in Series
Title: Falling for Mr. Thornton, Author: Trudy Brasure
Title: Cat Tales Issue #1, Author: Mollie Hunt
1 in Series
Title: Dragons, Author: Loren L. Coleman
2 in Series
Title: Corsair's Cove Chocolate Shop, Author: Shelley Adina
Title: Corsair's Cove Orchard, Author: Rachel Goldsworthy

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