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Title: Scramble, Author: Walter L. Bachman
Title: Forgotten Hero, Author: Brian G. Murray
Title: After Life, Author: Daniel Kelley
Title: Marketing Levies and Bond Issues for Public Schools, Author: Gordon L. Wise
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Title: Harvest, Author: L. Bachman
Title: John Bachman: The Pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church, Charleston [1888], Author: C. L. Bachman
Title: Keys to Dealing with Childhood Allergies, Author: Judy Lee Bachman
Title: Recovering
Title: The Horror Squad: Road Warriors anthology, Author: TJ Weeks
Title: Human Ouija (Blasphemer Branch Books, #1), Author: L. Bachman
Title: Maxwell Demon, Author: L. Bachman
Title: Successful Strategies for Marketing School Levies, Author: Glenn T. Graham
Title: Hospitalized Children Play and Play Activities, Author: Sara M. Derrick