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Title: The Homing Pigeon Fancier's Annual, Author: John L. Burgess
Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Classical Mythology, 2nd Edition, Author: Kevin Osborn
Title: Hazmat Quick Guide: A CDL Hazmat Review, Author: MS Sharnera L Burgess
Title: The Mapmaker's Sons, Author: V. L. Burgess
Title: Salamaine's Curse, Author: V. L. Burgess
Title: Lady Angel's Love Poems, Author: Michael L. Burgess
Title: Dreams come true: Beautiful Words to Beautiful soul, Author: Charles l Burgess
Title: Finding Hartagetu, Author: B.L. Burgess
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Title: Children of Na, Author: A L Burgess
Title: Garden of Salt and Stone, Author: A L Burgess Jr.
Title: A Deeper Look Into the Death of Jesus, Author: Constance L. Burgess
Title: Dreams Come true Again, Author: Charles L Burgess
Title: Walking on the Road of Life, Author: Marjorie L. Burgess
Title: The Kelias Prophecy, Author: K. L. Burgess
Title: How to Comply with Drug CGMPs, Author: Cathy L. Burgess
Title: Children of Na, Author: A. L. Burgess Jr
Title: An Incentives Approach to Improving the Unemployment Compensation System, Author: Paul L. Burgess
Title: Operational Intelligence: Is it a Panacea?, Author: Ronald L. Burgess
Title: Tucson: A Short History., Author: Southwestern Mission Research Center
Title: Summer's Cost, Author: Lawrence L. Burgess

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