Title: 100 Million Hair Ties and a Vodka Tonic: An Entrepreneur's Story, Author: Trelles-Tvede Sophie
Title: Chief Wellbeing Officer: Building Better Lives for Business Success, Author: Steven P. Macgregor
Title: Coaching Excellence: Best Practices in Business Coaching, Author: Sylviane Cannio
Title: Bushido Capitalism: The code to redefine business for a sustainable future, Author: Kengo Sakurada
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Title: People-Centric Management: How Leaders Use Four Agile Levers to Succeed in the New Dynamic Business Context, Author: Lukas Michel
Title: Silk Through the Ages: The Textile That Conquered Luxury, Author: Trini Callava
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Title: The Launch Book: Motivational Stories to Launch Your Idea, Business or Next Career, Author: Sanyin Siang
Title: The Attitude Book: 50 Ways to Postiviely Affect Your Life and Work, Author: Simon Tyler
Title: The Human Moment: The Positive Power of Compassion in the Workplace, Author: Amy Bradley
Title: Peter Drucker's Consulting Principles: And How to Apply Them for Business Success, Author: William A. Cohen
Title: The Performance Triangle: Diagnostic Mentoring to Manage Organizations and People for Superior Performance in Turbulent Times, Author: Lukas Michel
Title: Corporate Social Responsibility is not Public Relations: How to put CSR at the heart of your company and maximize the business benefits, Author: Sangeeta Waldron
Title: The Talent Brand: The Complete Guide to Creating Emotional Employee Buy-In for Your Organization, Author: Jody Ordioni
Title: SPIKE: What Are You Great At?, Author: Rene Carayol
Title: Weather or Not?: The Personal and Commercial Impacts of Weather and Climate, Author: Jim N. R. Dale
Title: Sun Tzu's Art of War: A modern exposition, Author: Sam Hua
Title: I Was a Teenage Space Reporter: From Apollo 11 to Our Future in Space, Author: David Chudwin
Title: Power and Majesty: The Plight and Preservation of the African Elephant, Author: Larry Laverty
Title: GaYme Changer: How the LGBT+ community and their allies are changing the global economy, Author: Jens Schadendorf
Title: Fair Talk: Three Steps to Powerful Feedback, Author: Sergey Gorbatov

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