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Title: Kas di Shon: Plantation Houses on Curacao: Past and Present, Author: Sandra van van Noord
Title: Education of Deaf-Mute and Development of the Sign Language, Author: Man and Society Studies Collection
Title: Madagascar: History of the Great Island, Author: Collection
Title: Charles Martel: the Military Leader and Frankish Defender, Author: History and Civilization Collection
Title: History of Paleontology, Author: Charles O. Marsh
Title: Woman - Femme, Author: Great Authors Collection
Title: The History of Alcohol (with illustrations), Author: Charles Ernest Pellew
Title: What Makes the Rich Richer and the Poor Poorer: (Effect of Capitalist Competition on the Social Classes), Author: Collection
Title: The Aborigines of Minnesota and their Migrations: (History of USA), Author: Newton H. Winchell
Title: What Does Our Happiness Depend On?: How to Develop the Art of Being Happy, Author: J.-F. Droz
Title: Natural Resistance to Infectious Disease: A History of Medicine, Author: George M Sternberg
Title: Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc): the Heroine of France, Author: Collection
Title: A History of Ohio: Geographic influences in the development of Ohio, Author: Pr Frank Carney
Title: Architectural Quality: A Note on Architectural Policy, Author: Tjeerd Dijkstra
Title: Napoleon: Life, Expeditions and Addresses, Author: LM Publishers
Title: The Evolution of Hands and Feet, Author: Henry Bernard
Title: Of our Passions and their Pathology, Author: Fernand Papillon
Title: Horihide: Celebrating the Life and Work of Kazuo Oguri, Author: Yushi 'Horikichi' Takei
Title: Effects of Alcoholic Excess on Character, Author: Milner J. Fothergill
Title: History of Natchez Indians of America, Author: Collection

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