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Title: Madagascar: History of the Great Island, Author: Collection
Title: Galileo: the Scientific Revolution, Author: Edward Singleton Holden
Title: Charles Martel: the Military Leader and Frankish Defender, Author: History and Civilization Collection
Title: The Cause of Sea-Sickness and the Vertigo, Author: Collection
Title: Education of Deaf-Mute and Development of the Sign Language, Author: Man and Society Studies Collection
Title: Fear: Psychological Study of the Causes and Effects, Author: Charles Richet
Title: The Rights of Property: Origin and Development, Author: Collection
Title: Nietzsche, Tolstoy and Other Prophets of Dissent, Author: Otto Heller
Title: A History of Ohio: Geographic influences in the development of Ohio, Author: Pr Frank Carney
Title: Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc): the Heroine of France, Author: Collection
Title: History of American Grapes Domestication and Wine-Making, Author: Ulysse P. Hedrick
Title: History of Natchez Indians of America, Author: Collection
Title: Woman - Femme, Author: Great Authors Collection
Title: Morality and Rules of Happiness, Author: Thomas Foster
Title: Fear through the short stories of Poe and Maupassant, Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Title: Alone with a Sea Song: Story and Poetry of Katherine Mansfield, Author: Katherine Mansfield
Title: Clothing in Relation to Health, Author: Benjamin W. Richardson
Title: Natural Resistance to Infectious Disease: A History of Medicine, Author: Dr Simon Flexner
Title: The Origin of Slavery Among Ants, Author: William Morton Wheeler
Title: Psychology of Belief and Deception, Author: Joseph Jastrow
Title: Effects of Alcoholic Excess on Character, Author: Milner J. Fothergill
Title: History of Banking in the United States: (Vol.1) Beginning and Development, Author: Graham W. Sumner
Title: The Franks: A History of European Nations, Author: History and Civilization Collection
Title: Come When I Sleep: Story and Poems of Victor Hugo, Author: Victor Hugo
Title: Of Our Passions and Their Pathology, Author: Fernand Papillon
Title: Napoleon: Life, Expeditions and Addresses, Author: Ida M. Tardell
Title: The Influence of Race in History, Author: Gustave Le Bon
Title: The Aborigines of Minnesota and their Migrations: (History of USA), Author: Newton H. Winchell
Title: The Modern Nursing: its History and Development, Author: Collection
Title: What Makes the Rich Richer and the Poor Poorer: (Effect of Capitalist Competition on the Social Classes), Author: Collection
Title: The Ice Age: Its Work and Effects, Author: Alfred Russel Wallace
Title: Historic Art in America, Author: History and Civilization Collection
Title: How to Help the Unemployed, Author: George Henry
Title: Education of the Blind and Development of the Braille System, Author: Man and Society Studies Collection
Title: History of Paleontology, Author: Thomas H. Huxley
Title: The History of Dietetics - Man is what he eats, Author: John B. Nichols
Title: History of Haiti and its Revolution, Author: Collection
Title: Clovis: History of the Founder of Frank Monarchy, Author: Collection
Title: The Civil War in Canada : An Impartial and Authentic Account, Author: Henry S. Chapman
Title: The intelligence of Cats and their friendships, Author: W. H. Larrabee

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