Title: Yves Saint Laurent: A Moroccan Passion, Author: Pierre Berge
Title: Gluten-Free Baking: Recipes from the Famed Chambelland Bakers of Paris, Author: Nathaniel Doboin
Title: La Vie en Rouje: curated by Jeanne Damas, Author: Jeanne Damas
Title: The Joy of Movement, Author: Mohamed El Khatib
Title: MB&F: The First Fifteen Years: A Catalogue Raisonne, Author: Suzanne Wong
Title: Pavlova: Favorite Recipes from La Meringaie, Paris, Author: La Meringaie
Title: Calissons Nougats from Le Roy Rene, Author: Marie-Catherine de La Roche
Title: Glimpse of Emotion, Author: Damien Dufresne
Title: In Search of Tea, Author: Francois-Xavier Delmas
Title: The Eiffel Tower, Author: Benjamin Peyrel
Title: Alexandre Gauthier: Chef, La Grenouillere Volume 2, Author: Alexandre Gauthier
Title: Burgundy Mustard: History, Heritage and 40 recipes of Chefs, Author: Benedicte Bortoli
Title: Chaumet: Behind the Scenes, Author: Julien Falsimagne
Title: Art in Motion: Riding the Paris Metro, Author: Anael Pigeat
Title: From One Bank to Another, Author: Patrick Wald Lasowski
Title: Inspiring Fashion: Textile Revolutions by Première Vision, Author: Premiere Vision
Title: Journeys through Louvre Abu Dhabi, Author: Beatrice Fontanel
Title: A Parisian Bistro: La Fontaine de Mars in 50 Recipes, Author: Cecile Maslakian
Title: Albert Ist of Monaco: The Worlds of a Prince, Author: Stephane Lamotte