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Title: Playing For Keeps, Author: Tristen Crone Pre-Order Now
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Title: Peachy, Author: Camri Kohler Pre-Order Now
Title: The Blood Hours, Author: Ann H Fox
Title: The Blood That Binds Us, Author: Erin Mainord Pre-Order Now
Title: We'd Know by Then, Author: Kirsten Bohling
Title: Beneath the Bloody Aurora, Author: Beka Westrup
Title: Love, Liana... Sincerely Kade, Author: Allie Doherty
Title: Reign of Clans and Gods, Author: Ashley Merdalo
Title: Devil's Intern, Author: Jayme Phelps
Title: There Goes The Neighborhood, Author: S. Reed
Title: Triad, Author: Brittany Weisrock
Title: Equinox, Author: Brittany Weisrock