Title: Reading Jeremiah in Africa: Biblical Essays in Sociopolitical Imagination, Author: Bungishabaku Katho
Title: Genesis 1-11: Bible Commentaries from Muslim Contexts, Author: Anwarul Azad
Title: Preachers of a Different Gospel: A Pilgrim's Reflections on Contemporary Trends in Christianity, Author: Femi B. Adeleye
Title: Global Kingdom, Global People: Living Faithfully in a Multicultural World, Author: Melba Padilla Maggay
Title: The Kingdom of God in Africa: A History of African Christianity, Author: Mark Shaw
Title: Work and Community in the Thessalonian Correspondence: An African Communal Reading of Paul's Work Exhortations, Author: Gift Mtukwa
Title: Salvation Belongs to Our God: Celebrating the Bible's Central Story, Author: Christopher J. H. Wright
Title: Demonology for the Global Church: A Biblical Approach in a Multicultural Age, Author: Scott D. MacDonald
Title: Grieving with Hope: Selected Aspects of Funeral Sermons, Author: Albín Masarik
Title: It's OK to Be Not OK: Preaching the Lament Psalms, Author: Federico G. Villanueva
Title: Writing and Research: A Guide for Theological Students, Author: Kevin Gary Smith
Title: Educación Ministerial que Transforma: Modelar y enseñar la vida transformada, Author: Robert W. Ferris
Title: Is It Working? Researching Context to Improve Curriculum: A Resource Book for Theological Schools, Author: Stuart Brooking
Title: Missio Politica: The Mission of Church and Politics, Author: Johannes Reimer
Title: The Spirit over the Earth: Pneumatology in the Majority World, Author: Gene L. Green
Title: African Public Theology, Author: Sunday Bobai Agang
Title: Asian Christian Theology: Evangelical Perspectives, Author: Timoteo D. Gener
Title: Secular, sagrado, más sagrado: Cuatro llamados a cruzar la divisoria, Author: Stuart Brooking
Title: Islam on Trial: Globalization, Islamism, and Christianity, Author: Chawkat Moucarry
Title: Transforming Missiology: An Alternative Approach to Missiological Education, Author: Fohle Lygunda li-M

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