Title: Coding Theory And Cryptology, Author: Harald Niederreiter
Title: Representations Of Real And P-adic Groups, Author: Eng-chye Tan
Title: Selected Topics In Post-genome Knowledge Discovery, Author: Limsoon Wong
Title: An Introduction To Stein's Method, Author: Andrew Barbour
Title: Stein's Method And Applications, Author: Louis Hsiao Yun Chen
Title: Computational Methods In Large Scale Simulation, Author: Heow-pueh Lee
Title: Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Innovations And Applications, Author: Wilfrid S Kendall
Title: Transition And Turbulence Control, Author: Mohamed Gad-el-hak
Title: Dynamics In Models Of Coarsening, Coagulation, Condensation And Quantization, Author: Weizhu Bao
Title: Gabor And Wavelet Frames, Author: Zuowei Shen
Title: Mathematics And Computation In Imaging Science And Information Processing, Author: Zuowei Shen
Title: Harmonic Analysis, Group Representations, Automorphic Forms And Invariant Theory: In Honor Of Roger E Howe, Author: Jian-shu Li
Title: Econometric Forecasting And High-frequency Data Analysis, Author: Yiu-kuen Tse
Title: Computational Prospects Of Infinity - Part I: Tutorials, Author: Chitat Chong
Title: Computational Prospects Of Infinity - Part Ii: Presented Talks, Author: Chitat Chong
Title: Mathematical Understanding Of Infectious Disease Dynamics, Author: Stefan Ma
Title: Interface Problems And Methods In Biological And Physical Flows, Author: Boo Cheong Khoo
Title: Random Matrix Theory And Its Applications: Multivariate Statistics And Wireless Communications, Author: Zhidong Bai
Title: Braids: Introductory Lectures On Braids, Configurations And Their Applications, Author: A Jon Berrick
Title: Mathematical Horizons For Quantum Physics, Author: Huzihiro Araki

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