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Title: Strange Attractions: Exploring Graffiti, Author: Sandy Lee Carlson
Title: Passage to Nirvana: A Survivor's Zen Voyage: Reflections on Loss, Discovery, Healing and Hope, Author: Lee Carlson
Title: Writing in Faith to a Beautiful World, Author: Sandy Lee Carlson
Title: Composing A Care of the Self: A Critical History of Writing Assessment in Secondary English Education, Author: David Lee Carlson
Title: Quintessence of Man, Author: Devin Lee Carlson
Title: The Homoculous Affirmation, Author: David Lee Carlson III
Title: Passage to Nirvana, Author: Lee Carlson
Title: Beyond Borders: Queer Eros and Ethos (Ethics) in LGBTQ Young Adult Literature, Author: David Lee Carlson
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Title: Out of the Blue, Author: Sandy Lee Carlson
Title: Silver and Gold, Author: Lee Carlson