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Title: Big-Hearted Charlie's Coloring Book: The Story of a Dog Named Turtle and a Turtle Named Dog, Author: Krista Keating-Joseph
Title: Big-Hearted Charlie Learns How to Make Friends, Author: Krista Keating-Joseph
Title: Big-Hearted Charlie Never Gives Up: Fun Adventures, Author: Krista Keating-Joseph
Title: Big-Hearted Charlie Runs The Mile, Author: Krista Keating-Joseph
Title: MUSINGS: Delightful Stories from a Long Life, Author: James H. Hardy
Title: The Olde South: A Photo Journey Along the Back Roads of the South, Author: Rick McAllister
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Title: One in a Million: A True Story by Miriam, Author: Miriam Hodges
Title: Jed Chance: Ride For Justice, Author: Arthur Mendenhall
Title: Memoirs of a Peripatetic Educator, Author: Pope Duncan
Title: Well of Bones: 20 American Snipers. 10,000 ISIS Terrorists., Author: Peter Guinta
Title: Four PAWS Rumble and Tumble Through the Streets in St. Augustine, Author: Linda R. Beall
Title: St. Augustine: Unique Places...Disappearing Spaces: Watercolor Paintings by Nancy Macri, Author: Nancy Macri
Title: The Lohman Way: Entrepreneur Lowell Lohman's Story and Strategies for Building Multimillion-Dollar Family Businesses, Author: E. L. Wilks
Title: A Squirrel Afraid of Heights? Are You Kidding Me?, Author: Robert H. Maynard
Title: Anastasia Island: St. Augustine's Jewel by the Sea, Author: Jr. Kenneth M. Barrett
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