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Title: Masked Warriors: The Battle Stage of the Samurai, Author: Bas J.M. Verberk
Title: Persian in Use: An Elementary Textbook of Language and Culture, Author: Anousha Sedighi
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Title: Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies: Comparing Theory and Practice, Author: Edwin Bakker
Title: Kakiemon Porcelain: A Handbook, Author: Menno Fitski
Title: Conflict and Development in Iranian Film, Author: A. A. Seyed-Gohrab
Title: China and the Barbarians: Resisting the Western World Order, Author: Henk Schulte Nordholt
June 16th
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Title: Father of Persian Verse: Rudaki and His Poetry, Author: Sassan Tabatabai
Title: Courtly Riddles: Enigmatic Embellishments in Early Persian Poetry, Author: A. A. Seyed-Gohrab
Title: Embodiments of Evil: Gog and Magog: Interdisciplinary Studies of the
Title: The Conflict of the Faculties: Perspectives on Artistic Research and Academia, Author: Henk Borgdorff
Title: The Sounds of English and Dutch, Author: Beverly Collins
Title: Bastion of Liberty: Leiden University Today and Yesterday, Author: Willem Otterspeer
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Title: The Holy Drama: Persian Passion Play in Modern Iran, Author: Mahnia A. Nematollahi Mahani
Title: Tracing Traces from Present to Past: A Functional Analysis of Pre-Columbian Shell and Stone Artefacts from Anse a la Gourde and Morel, Guadeloupe, FWI, Author: Yvonne Lammers-Keijsers
Title: Applying Shari'a in the West: Facts, Fears and the Future of Islamic Rules on Family Relations in the West, Author: Maurits S. Berger
Title: Hidden Complexities of the Frankish Castle: Social Aspects of Space in the Configurational Architecture of Frankish Castles in the Holy Land, 1099-1291, Author: Eva Mol
Title: Legalising Land Rights: Local Practices, State Responses and Tenure Security in Africa, Asia and Latin America, Author: Janine M. Ubink
Title: Principles for Progress: Essays on Religion and Modernity by Abdu'l-Baha, Author: Abdu'l-Baha
Title: Local Portraiture: Through the Lens of the 19th-Century Iranian Photographers, Author: Carmen Perez Gonzalez
Title: The Great 'Umar Khayyam: A Global Reception of the Rubaiyat, Author: A. A. Seyed-Gohrab

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