Title: Betrayal at Ravenswick (Fiona Figg Series #1), Author: Kelly Oliver
Title: High Treason at the Grand Hotel (Fiona Figg Series #2), Author: Kelly Oliver
Title: Coldwater Revenge: A Coldwater Mystery, Author: James A Ross
Title: Death of a Starling: A Cabin by the Lake Mystery, Author: Linda Norlander
Title: The Deadening: Olivia Callahan Suspense, Author: Kerry Peresta
Title: Death Rang the Bell, Author: Carol Pouliot
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Title: The Things That Last Forever, Author: Peter W.J. Hayes
Title: The Things That Aren't There, Author: Peter W. J. Hayes
Title: Finally, Forever Free, Author: Tammy Thies
Title: Doorway to Murder: A Blackwell and Watson Time-Travel Mystery, Author: Carol Pouliot
Title: Hasten to Their End: A Lilly Long Mystery, Author: Penny Richards
Title: Murder in the Master: A Chesapeake Bay Mystery, Author: Judy Murray
Title: To Live and Die in Deep Deuce, Author: Scott R. Hartshorn
Title: Knight Light: An Art History Mystery, Author: Claudia Riess
Title: Lady Rosamund and the Horned God: A Rosie and McBrae Regency Mystery, Author: Barbara Monajem
Title: Never Try to Catch a Falling Knife: A Lizzie Crane Mystery, Author: Skye Alexander
Title: A Dead Man's Eyes: A Lisa Jamison Mystery, Author: Lori Duffy Foster
Title: Death of an Editor: A Cabin by the Lake Mystery, Author: Linda Norlander
Title: The Murderess Must Die, Author: Marlie Parker Wasserman
Title: Now & Then: A Parker City Mystery, Author: Justin Kiska

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