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Title: Economics in a Changed Universe: Joseph E. Stiglitz, Globalization, and the Death of 'Free Enterprise', Author: Gerald L. Houseman
Title: Bill Ratliff: A Profile of Courage and Leadership in American Politics, Author: Robert Edward Sterken
Title: The Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu: Humanitarian Despotism and the Conditions of Modern Tyranny, Author: Maurice Joly
Title: Brazil and the Emergence of a Digital Lusosphere, Author: Valnora Leister
Title: Teaching ESL and STEM Content through CALL: A Research-Based Interdisciplinary Critical Pedagogical Approach, Author: Abdelilah Salim Sehlaoui
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Title: The Secret Life of the Cheating Wife: Power, Pragmatism, and Pleasure in Women's Infidelity, Author: Alicia M. Walker
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Title: The Legends of Tono: 100th Anniversary Edition, Author: Kunio Yanagita
Title: Evolution and the Foundations of Ethics: Evolutionary Perspectives on Contemporary Normative and Metaethical Theories, Author: John Mizzoni
Title: Educating through Popular Culture: You're Not Cool Just Because You Teach with Comics, Author: Edward A. Janak
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Title: African American Slave Medicine: Herbal and non-Herbal Treatments, Author: Herbert C. Covey
Title: Insufficient Representation: The Disconnect between Congress and Its Citizens, Author: Patrick Fisher
Title: The Ocean Hill-Brownsville Conflict: Intellectual Struggles between Blacks and Jews at Mid-Century, Author: Glen Anthony Harris
Title: Navigating New Media Networks: Understanding and Managing Communication Challenges in a Networked Society, Author: Bree McEwan
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Title: David Hume on Miracles, Evidence, and Probability, Author: William L. Vanderburgh
Title: Race Neutrality: Rationalizing Remedies to Racial Inequality, Author: Samuel L. Myers
Title: The Bully Pulpit, Presidential Speeches, and the Shaping of Public Policy, Author: Jeffrey S. Ashley
Title: Popular Culture and the Political Values of Neoliberalism, Author: George A. Gonzalez
Title: The Normalization of War in Israeli Discourse, 1967-2008, Author: Dalia Gavriely-Nuri
Title: Contemporary Conversations on Immigration in the United States: The View from Prince George's County, Maryland, Author: Judith Noemí Freidenberg
Title: Iran's Strategic Penetration of Latin America, Author: Joseph M. Humire

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