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Title: The Miami Times and the Fight for Equality: Race, Sport, and the Black Press, 1948-1958, Author: Yanela G. McLeod
Title: Meaning Systems and Mental Health Culture: Critical Perspectives on Contemporary Counseling and Psychotherapy, Author: James T. Hansen
Title: Almost Englishmen: Baghdadi Jews in British Burma, Author: Ruth Fredman Cernea
Title: H. H. Asquith: Last of the Romans, Author: V. Markham Lester
Title: The Ethics of Hospitality: An Interfaith Response to US Immigration Policies, Author: Helen T. Boursier
Title: Black Mirror and Critical Media Theory, Author: Angela M. Cirucci
Title: Cultural Change from a Business Anthropology Perspective, Author: Maryann McCabe
Title: Can the Debt Growth Be Stopped?: Rules-Based Policy Options for Addressing the Federal Fiscal Crisis, Author: John D. Merrifield
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Title: Secessionism and the European Union: The Future of Flanders, Scotland, and Catalonia, Author: Glen M.E. Duerr
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Title: Poverty and Place: Cancer Prevention among Low-Income Women of Color, Author: Anjanette Wells
Title: Japan Fluxus, Author: Luciana Galliano
Title: Democracy, Civic Engagement, and Citizenship in Higher Education: Reclaiming Our Civic Purpose, Author: William V. Flores
Title: Flannery O'Connor and the Perils of Governing by Tenderness, Author: Jerome C. Foss
Title: The Hip Hop Movement: From R&B and the Civil Rights Movement to Rap and the Hip Hop Generation, Author: Reiland Rabaka
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Title: Everyday Adjustments in Havana: Economic Reforms, Mobility, and Emerging Inequalities, Author: Hope Bastian
Title: Culture and the Cuban State: Participation, Recognition, and Dissonance under Communism, Author: Yvon Grenier
Title: Sedation, Suicide, and the Limits of Ethics, Author: James A. Dunson
Title: Vindicating the Commercial Republic: The Federalist on Union, Enterprise, and War, Author: Anthony A. Peacock
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Title: Critical Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies: Theory, Practice, and Pedagogy, Author: Thomas Matyok
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Title: Law Enforcement in the Age of Black Lives Matter: Policing Black and Brown Bodies, Author: Sandra E. Weissinger

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