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Title: Technologies of Refuge and Displacement: Rethinking Digital Divides, Author: Linda Leung
Title: Representations of Islam in the News: A Cross-Cultural Analysis, Author: Stefan Mertens
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Title: Listening, Religion, and Democracy in Contemporary Boston: God's Ears, Author: William W. Young
Title: Critical Environmental Communication: How Does Critique Respond to the Urgency of Climate Change?, Author: Murdoch Stephens
Title: Storytelling in a Culturally Responsive Classroom: Opening Minds, Shifting Perspectives, and Transforming Imaginations, Author: Laura A. Mitchell
Title: Conceptualizing Deviance: A Cross-Cultural Social Network Approach to Comparing Relational and Attribute Data, Author: Candace Forbes Bright
Title: Social Inequalities, Media, and Communication: Theory and Roots, Author: Jan Servaes
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Title: Cultural Dimensions of Well-Being: Therapy Animals as Healers, Author: Clementine K. Fujimura
Title: The Overman in the Marketplace: Nietzschean Heroism in Popular Culture, Author: Ishay Landa
Title: Rural Voices: Language, Identity, and Social Change across Place, Author: Elizabeth Seale
Title: China's Cyber Warfare, Author: Jason R. Fritz
Title: Bilingual and Multicultural Perspectives on Poetry, Music, and Narrative: The Science of Art, Author: Norbert Francis
Title: Jack Kerouac and the Traditions of Classic and Modern Haiku, Author: Yoshinobu Hakutani
Title: Professional Ethics: A Trust-Based Approach, Author: Terrence M. Kelly
Title: Haunted Families and Temporal Normativity in Hispanic Horror Films: Troubling Timelines, Author: Charles St-Georges
Title: Springs of Western Civilization: A Comparative Study of Hebrew and Classical Cultures, Author: James A. Arieti
Title: Cyprus under British Colonial Rule: Culture, Politics, and the Movement toward Union with Greece, 1878-1954, Author: Christos P. Ioannides
Title: Pro Football and the Proliferation of Protest: Anthem Posture in a Divided America, Author: Stephen D. Perry
Title: Aristocratic Souls in Democratic Times, Author: Richard Avramenko
Title: The Integration of the UCLA School of Law, 1966-1978: Architects of Affirmative Action, Author: Miguel Espinoza

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