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Title: Teaching ESL and STEM Content through CALL: A Research-Based Interdisciplinary Critical Pedagogical Approach, Author: Abdelilah Salim Sehlaoui
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Title: Brazil and the Emergence of a Digital Lusosphere, Author: Valnora Leister
Title: The Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu: Humanitarian Despotism and the Conditions of Modern Tyranny, Author: Maurice Joly
Title: Insufficient Representation: The Disconnect between Congress and Its Citizens, Author: Patrick Fisher
Title: The Ocean Hill-Brownsville Conflict: Intellectual Struggles between Blacks and Jews at Mid-Century, Author: Glen Anthony Harris
Title: David Hume on Miracles, Evidence, and Probability, Author: William L. Vanderburgh
Title: Popular Culture and the Political Values of Neoliberalism, Author: George A. Gonzalez
Title: Race Neutrality: Rationalizing Remedies to Racial Inequality, Author: Samuel L. Myers
Title: The Islamist Challenge and Africa, Author: Samory Rashid
Title: The War of the Zionist Giants: David Ben-Gurion and Chaim Weizmann, Author: Nick Reynold
Title: The Eroticization of Distance: Nietzsche, Blanchot, and the Legacy of Courtly Love, Author: Joseph D. Kuzma
Title: Biblical Psychotherapy: Reclaiming Scriptural Narratives for Positive Psychology and Suicide Prevention, Author: Kalman J. Kaplan
Title: The Individual without Passions: Modern Individualism and the Loss of the Social Bond, Author: Elena Pulcini
Title: The Hollywood Connection: The Influence of Fictional Media and Celebrity Politics on American Public Opinion, Author: Heather E. Yates
Title: Paradoxes of Liberalism and Parental Authority, Author: Dennis Arjo
Title: CTE, Media, and the NFL: Framing a Public Health Crisis as a Football Epidemic, Author: Travis R. Bell
Title: The Hilltop Youth: A Stage of Resistance and Counter culture Practice, Author: Shimi Friedman
Title: Recovering Christian Realism: Just War Theory as a Political Ethic, Author: H. David Baer
Title: Bilingual and Multicultural Perspectives on Poetry, Music, and Narrative: The Science of Art, Author: Norbert Francis
Title: Black Women and Breast Cancer: A Cultural Theology, Author: Elizabeth A. Williams

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