Title: I Was a Doctor in Auschwitz, Author: Gisella Perl
Title: Global Issues in the Context of Space, Author: Jean Kachiga
Title: Keeping Up the Kardashian Brand: Celebrity, Materialism, and Sexuality, Author: Amanda Scheiner McClain
Title: South Asia in Transition: An Introduction to the Social Anthropology of a Subcontinent, Author: Robert Parkin
Title: iTake-Over: The Recording Industry in the Streaming Era, Author: David Arditi
Title: Working Class Heroes: Rock Music and British Society in the 1960s and 1970s, Author: David Simonelli
Title: The BRICS and the Future of Global Order, Author: Oliver Stuenkel
Title: Uncovering Indigenous Models of Leadership: An Ethnographic Case Study of Samoa's Talavou Clan, Author: Robert Jon Peterson
Title: The Miami Times and the Fight for Equality: Race, Sport, and the Black Press, 1948-1958, Author: Yanela G. McLeod
Title: African American Slave Medicine: Herbal and non-Herbal Treatments, Author: Herbert C. Covey
Title: Good Trouble: How Deviants, Criminals, Heretics, and Outsiders Have Changed the World for the Better, Author: Brian Wolf
Title: Game of Thrones and the Theories of International Relations, Author: Laura D. Young
Title: Gifts from the Dark: Learning from the Incarceration Experience, Author: Joni Schwartz
Title: Surviving Becky(s): Pedagogies for Deconstructing Whiteness and Gender, Author: Cheryl E. Matias
Title: Hereafter Knowing in Sonnets and Their Similars, Author: Robert Mueller
Title: Rebel Economies: Warlords, Insurgents, Humanitarians, Author: Nicola Di Cosmo
Title: Reshaping Beloved Community: The Experiences of Black Male Felons and Their Impact on Black Radical Traditions, Author: Marlon A. Smith
Title: Rhetoric of Masculinity: Male Body Image, Media, and Gender Role Stress/Conflict, Author: Donnalyn Pompper
Title: Pachappa Camp: The First Koreatown in the United States, Author: Edward T. Chang
Title: A Dramaturgical Approach to Understanding the Serial Homicides of Ted Bundy: Impressions of Murder, Author: Bernard East

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