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Title: Cybercriminology and Digital Investigation, Author: Kyung-shick Choi
Title: The Nature and Nurture of Antisocial Outcomes, Author: Kevin M. Beaver
Title: Documented, Undocumented, and Something Else : The Incorporation of Children of Brazilian Immigrants, Author: Kara B. Cebulko
Title: Aggressive Driving : Insights Derived from Psychology's General Aggression Model, Author: Yusheng Lin
Title: The Common Language of Homicide and Suicide : Evidence of the Value of Durkheim's Typologies, Author: J. Michael Bozeman
Title: Living on Death Row, Author: Eric Lose
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Title: Undocumented Uruguayan Immigrants : Biliteracy and Educational Experiences, Author: Silvia Pessoa
Title: First Amendment Religious Liberties : Supreme Court Decisions and Public Opinion, 1947-2013, Author: Tracy L. Cook
Title: Hot News in the Age of Big Data : A Legal History of the Hot News Doctrine and Implications for the Digital Age, Author: Victoria Smith Ekstrand
Title: Is America Really So Punitive? : Exploring a Continuum of U.S. State Criminal Justice Policies, Author: Besiki Kutateladze
Title: Capital Punishment in the U.S. States : Executing Social Inequality, Author: Sarah N. Archibald
Title: Offender Reentry and Cognitive Intervention : Propensity Score Matching Utility for Outcome Assessment, Author: Ken Balusek
Title: The Terrorscape : Geography of Urban Terror Risk, Author: Kristine Egan
Title: Transnational Struggles : Policy, Gender, and Family Life on the Texas-Mexico Border, Author: Juan Jose Bustamente
Title: Benefit Analysis in Criminal Justice : An Example Application to a Statewide Drug Treatment System, Author: Peter A. Collins
Title: Growing Up Transnational: Colombian and Dominican Children of Immigrants in New York City, Author: Debora Upegui-Hernandez
Title: Substandard Medical Care in U.S. Prisons : Improvement Through Civil Liability Actions, Author: Lily Chi-fang Tsai
Title: Second-Generation Korean Americans : The Struggle for Full Inclusion, Author: Dae Young Kim
Title: Self-Medication and Violent Behavior, Author: Michael K. Ostrowsky
Title: Returning Home : Intimate Partner Violence and Reentry, Author: Matasha L. Harris

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