Title: The Big Idea: When God Impregnates Your Imagination, Author: Jamal H. Bryant
Title: From Point Guard to Prophet, Author: Sophia Ruffin
Title: Feminine Progression: How I Walked Out of Masculinity, Author: Sophia Ruffin
Title: Eating as an Act of Worship, Author: Ann Wooten-Taylor
Title: When I Do, But He Doesn'T, God Will (Wives Doing Their Part In Marriage), Author: Sharon D Pickett
Title: The Man Behind The Music, Author: Sr. Carl H Davis
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Title: The Spirit Filled Journey: Weekly Devotions for Growing in God, Author: Apostolic Church of God
Title: Let's Celebrate: Life That Is-2014, Author: Virginia Rudolph
Title: Building a Church Full of Leaders, Author: Jeanne Porter King
Title: I Must Confess: 31 Daily Declarations of God's Promises for You and Your Family, Author: Marx Succ s
Title: Counterfeit Charisma: The Age of False Prophets, Author: Dennis James Woods
Title: Resting on His Promises: I Am Covered from A to Z, Author: Lauretha Ward
Title: Love and Charity: The Life and Story of Louise Hunter and the Love and Charity Homeless Shelter (2018), Author: Dennis James Woods
Title: Just Speak It, Author: Ingrid E. Bridges
Title: Dark Cells: Book Two of the Sherman Brothers, Author: Greg Brazzil
Title: The Great Fraud: Unveiling the Discrepancies of the Jehovah's Witnesses Organization, Author: Walter C. Harris Sr.
Title: Still Learning and Still Tweeting: Inspirations from Above, Author: Eugene L. Moore
Title: GODDIDIT The Vindication Journey, Author: Jamelia Logan
Title: Tuskegee Airmen 1941-1945, Author: Kenneth Rapier
Title: The Stories Jesus Told, Author: Larry A. Brookins

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