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Title: Vuitton: A Biography of Louis Vuitton, Author: Fergus Mason
Title: Queen of the Desert: A Biography of the Female Lawrence of Arabia, Gertrude Bell, Author: Fergus Mason
Title: Saul of Tarsus: A Biography of the Apostle Paul, Author: Matthew Murray
Title: Son of Sam: A Biography of David Berkowitz, Author: Paul Brody
Title: Big Eyes and All: The Unofficial Biography of Margaret Keane, Author: Jennifer Warner
Title: In Which Milne's Life Is Told: A Biography of Winnie the Pooh Author A.A. Milne, Author: Paul Brody
Title: The Golden Genius: The Amazing Life of Maria Altmann, Author: Fergus Mason
Title: American Trapper: The Life and Death of American Frontiersman Hugh Glass, Author: Fergus Mason
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Title: Bront: A Biography of the Literary Family, Author: Paul Brody
Title: Dido Elizabeth Belle: A Biography, Author: Fergus Mason
Title: The Red Priest: The Life of Antonio Vivaldi, Author: James Fritz
Title: The Good Vibrations of Brian Wilson: he Unofficial Biography of Brian Wilson, Author: Lora Greene
Title: The Lonely House: A Biography of Emily Dickinson, Author: Paul Brody
Title: The Dirty Old Man Of American Literature: A Biography of Charles Bukowski, Author: Paul Brody
Title: Hemingway In Paris: A Biography of Ernest Hemingway's Formative Paris Years, Author: Paul Brody
Title: Jimi Hendrix: A Biography, Author: Lora Greene
Title: J.M.W. Turner: A Biography, Author: Howard Brinkley
Title: Weezer: The Unofficial Band Biography, Author: Lora Greene
Title: Mister Rogers: A Biography of the Wonderful Life of Fred Rogers, Author: Jennifer Warner
Title: The Real Blithedale Romance: The Love and Marriage of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Sophia Peabody, Author: Paul Brody

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