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Title: Guns & God: Lines in the Sand, Author: Rain Story
Title: Revelations of Relationship: What You Don't Know About Finding True Love and Sustaining Relationship, Author: Oluwafemi Ogunjinmi
Title: Revelations of Relationship, Author: Oluwafemi Ogunjinmi
Title: The Journey Out of Hell, Author: Robert Johnson
Title: Bishop, Author: Victoria Slatton
Title: A Long Journey Home, Author: Winston H. Hunt
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Title: Waves Crashing, Author: Lisa Lucero
Title: Blue Wizard Detectives, Author: Patrick Cassidy
Title: Novacane, Author: Eleanor Rosenthal
Title: A Drug Dealer's Journey to Freedom, Author: Alonzo Burns
Title: The Nibiru Conspiracy, Author: R.P. McMurphy
Title: Phases: The Series, Author: Nikita Haynie
Title: The Obituary: R.I.P., Author: Bill H. Reedy
Title: Trails: A Western Saga, Author: Don Ross
Title: Congestion Game Theory and Applications, Author: Prabhujit Mohapatra
Title: Vicariously Free, Author: F.M. Lis
Title: The Braxton Murder, Author: O.M. Hubbard
Title: Living Love, Author: Leyda M. Casali
Title: Family Follies, Author: Andrea J. Rouda
Title: Small Town Revenge, Author: Craig Fisher

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