Title: Lily Poetry Review Issue 8, Author: eileen cleary
Title: A Case for Solace, Author: Liz Ahl
Title: Aporia, Author: Eric E Hyett
Title: Come Thunder, Author: Barbara Helfgott-Hyett
Title: OBJECT LESSON, Author: Jennifer Jean
Title: Cry.Sweat. Bleed. Write., Author: Bell Kay
Title: OBJECT LESSON A Guide to Writing Poetry, Author: Jennifer Jean
Title: Lily Poetry Review Issue 6, Author: eileen cleary
Title: Night Is This Anyway, Author: Robin Reagler
Title: Penitent>Arbiter, Author: Joey Gould
Title: Lily Poetry Review 1.2, Author: Steven Riel
Title: Lily Poetry Review Issue 5, Author: eileen cleary
Title: Building Alexandria, Author: Clarissa Adkins
Title: The Palace of Unbearable Feeling, Author: Riesenberg
Title: FIELDNOTES, Author: Tommy Archuleta Pre-Order Now
Title: Keats in San Francisco, Author: Kareem Tayyar
Title: Edgemere, Author: Steven Riel
Title: Break on Through: New & Selected Poems Volume 1, Author: Paul Nemser
Title: Lily Poetry Review Issue 7, Author: eileen cleary
Title: Virology, Author: Mary Buchinger

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