Title: Ilahara: The Last Myrassar, Author: C.M. Karys
Title: Hotwalker, Author: Rick Neumayer
Title: Paladin Unbound, Author: Jeffrey Speight
Title: Unseen, Author: R. M. Scott
Title: All The Way Out, Author: Ingrid Sterling
Title: Summoner of Sleep, Author: A. I. Winters
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Title: Deadly Focus, Author: Sue Hinkin
Title: The Cooperating Witness, Author: Mike Avery
Title: Still Black Remains, Author: Kevin MIchaels
Title: The Author is Dead, Author: Ches Smith
Title: Paradise in Mourning, Author: L. E. Towne
Title: Mexicali Blues, Author: Joseph Grant
Title: Low Country Blood, Author: Sue Hinkin
Title: Past Presence, Author: Nicole Bross
Title: Crisis Desserted, Author: Katherine Laurin
Title: Celestina's Burnings, Author: Annemarie Schiavi Pedersen
Title: Sweet Transgression, Author: Renee Wilde Pre-Order Now
Title: The Burn Patient: A Vega and Middleton Novel, Author: Sue Hinkin
Title: Ghosted: A Novel of Life, Love, and Moving On, Author: Judith Docken
Title: Behind the Veil, Author: E. J. Dawson

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