Title: Lonnie Johnson: NASA Scientist and Inventor of the Super Soaker, Author: Lucia Raatma
Title: Alexander Graham Bell: The Man Behind the Telephone, Author: Sally Lee
Title: Grace Hopper: The Woman Behind Computer Programming, Author: Nancy Loewen
Title: Ralph Baer: The Man Behind Video Games, Author: Nancy Dickmann
Title: Thomas Edison: The Man Behind the Light Bulb, Author: Lucia Raatma
Title: Marie Curie: The Woman Behind Radioactivity, Author: Nancy Dickmann
Title: Madam C.J. Walker: The Woman Behind Hair Care Products for African Americans, Author: Sally Lee
Title: Lewis Latimer: The Man Behind a Better Light Bulb, Author: Nancy Dickmann
Title: Jerome Lemelson: The Man Behind Industrial Robots, Author: Lucia Raatma
Title: Benjamin Franklin: The Man Behind the Lightning Rod, Author: Nancy Dickmann