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Title: If, Author: Nicholas Bourbaki
Title: In the City of Falling Stars, Author: Chris Tusa
Title: The Enigma of Iris Murphy : Stories, Author: Maureen Millea Smith
Title: Miss Jane: The Lost Years, Author: Kat Meads
Title: Haylow, Author: Gray Stewart
Title: Hill Country Property, Author: Jim Sanderson
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Title: Pretend I Am Someone You Like, Author: Shome Dasgupta
Title: Lowlands, Author: Terence Gallagher
Title: And the Angels Sang, Author: John Sims Jeter
Title: Miss Woman: A Novel, Author: Ann Vaughan Richards
Title: Tauvernier Street, Author: Jay Atkinson
Title: Tartts 2: Incisive Fiction from Emerging Writers, Author: Joe Taylor
Title: Masques for the Fields of Time, Author: Joe Taylor
Title: Opposable Thumbs: Stories, Author: Suzanne Hudson
Title: Only Son, Author: Lafie Crum
Title: Senestre on Vacation, Author: Z. K. Burrus
Title: Following Richard Brautigan, Author: Corey Mesler
Title: The Republic: A Novel, Author: J. B. Powell
Title: How Can I Keep from Singing, Author: Loretta Cobb
Title: Dark Road, Dead End, Author: Philip Cioffari

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