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Title: Katie Couldn't, Author: Becky Bring McDaniel
Title: The B Street Five, Author: Silky Sullivan
Title: Mystery of the Red Brick House, Author: Evelyn Witter
Title: I Like Things, Author: Margaret Hillert
Title: Mystery at the Basketball Game, Author: Silky Sullivan
Title: The Look Book, Author: Jane Belk Moncure
Title: The Mystery of Animal Haven, Author: Evelyn Witter
Title: Kings on Court, Author: Silky Sullivan
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Title: Mine Yours and Ours -OP/103, Author: Burton Albert Jr.
Title: Sounds All Around, Author: Jane Belk Moncure
Title: The Mystery of the Music in the Night, Author: Evelyn Witter
Title: Let's Take a Walk in the City, Author: Karen O'Connor
Title: A Monkey in the Family, Author: Louisa Johnston
Title: Henry and Melinda Team Up, Author: Silky Sullivan
Title: Gary and the Very Terrible Monster, Author: Barbara Williams
Title: Are You Listening?, Author: Henrietta Gambill
Title: A Cap for Jack, a Coat for Jill, Author: Anne Neigoff
Title: Just Like Me, Author: Barbara J. Neasi
Title: You Go Away, Author: Dorothy Corey
Title: Guess Who?, Author: Anne W. Ball

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