Title: Undercover Fiancee, Author: Rebecca Winters
1 in Series
Title: Run the Risk, Author: Lori Foster
Title: In Too Deep: A Cartel Romance, Author: LK Shaw
Title: The Wrong Kind of Compatible, Author: Kadie Scott
Title: In Too Deep, Author: LK Shaw
1 in Series
Title: Bare It All, Author: Lori Foster
Title: The Attraction Equation, Author: Kadie Scott
Title: Undercover Bachelor, Author: Rebecca Winters
2 in Series
Title: Striking Distance, Author: LK Shaw
2 in Series
Title: Atonement, Author: LK Shaw
3 in Series
Title: Getting Rowdy, Author: Lori Foster
Title: Bullet Proof, Author: LK Shaw
4 in Series
Title: Dash of Peril, Author: Lori Foster
Title: For Always: A Christmas Wedding, Author: LK Shaw
5 in Series
Title: Saving Evie: A Love Undercover Novella: A Love Undercover Novella, Author: LK Shaw
Title: Saving Evie, Author: LK Shaw
Title: Marcus, Author: Lori Foster Pre-Order Now
Title: Spying Under the Mistletoe (Love Undercover, #2), Author: Stina Lindenblatt
Title: While You Were Spying (Love Undercover, #1), Author: Stina Lindenblatt
Title: Getting Rowdy & Dash of Peril: An Anthology, Author: Lori Foster

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