Title: Charmed, Author: H.C. Brown
Title: BDSM Weekend, Author: Jennifer Denys
Title: Banished, Author: H.C. Brown
Title: One Night in a Dungeon, Author: H.C. Brown
Title: Half-Breed, Author: Annie Oakfield
Title: The Wolves of New Hampshire: Box Set, Author: Annie Oakfield
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Title: The Progenitors, Author: Annie Oakfield
Title: Chosen, Author: Tatum Throne
Title: Men for Hire 2, Author: Tatum Throne
Title: Cops 'n' Floggers Collection Box Set, Author: H.C. Brown
Title: Broken Promise, Author: Annie Oakfield
Title: Clockwork Heart, Author: Jeffery Martin Botzenhart
Title: Passions Awakened, Author: Jason Walker
Title: Handcuffed, Author: H.C. Brown
Title: Acceptance, Author: Jess Buffett
Title: Training Wheels, Author: Annie Oakfield
Title: A Little Bit of Leather, Author: Jason Walker
Title: Falling for Lukas, Author: Tatum Throne
Title: The Passers, Author: Loretta Laird
Title: Catalina, Queen of the Nightlings - Volume 1 & 2: Cleopatra's Pearls & The Aztec Goddess, Author: J Lee Roberts

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