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Title: Hearing the Word: Lutheran Hermeneutics--A Vision of Life under the Gospel, Author: David C. Ratke
Title: Being the Church in the Midst of Empire, Author: Karen L. Bloomquist
Title: The Apostolicity of the Church, Author: Lutheran University Press
Title: Christ Crucified: A 21st Century Missiology of the Cross, Author: Mark W. Thomsen
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Title: Serving the Whole Person: The Practice and Understanding of Diakonia Within the Lutheran Communion, Author: Kjell Nordstokke
Title: A Journey of Grace: The Formation of a Leader and a Church, Author: Herbert W. Chilstrom
Title: Bridges Instead of Walls: Christian-Muslim Interaction in Denmark, Indonesia and Nigeria, Author: Lissi Rasmussen
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Title: Lutheran Perspectives on Biblical Interpretation: The 2009 Hein-Fry Lectures, Author: Laurie Jungling
Title: Living in Communion in the World Today: 60 Years of the Lutheran World Federation: Documentation from the 2007 LWF Council Meeting and Church Leadership Consultation, 20-27 March 2007, Lund, Sweden, the Lutheran World Federation, Geneva, Switzerland, Author: Achtelstetter
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Title: Imaging the Journey... of Contemplation, Meditation, Reflection, and Adventure, Author: Mark C. Mattes
Title: The Cross and the Academy: Occasional Papers and Addresses 1975-2009, Author: Paul J. Dovre
Title: The Augsburg Quartets: A Mission-Driven Tradition, Author: Merton P. Strommen
Title: Viability of a Sacrificial Theology of Atonement: A Critique and Analysis of Traditional and Transformational Views, Author: Thomas E. Long
Title: Inquiry, Service, Leadership and Care: Pacific Lutheran University, 1988-2008, Author: Philip A. Nordquist
Title: Theological Foundations in an Age of Biological Intervention, Author: David C. Ratke
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Title: The Hope of Eternal Life: Lutherans and Catholics in Dialogue XI, Author: Lowell G. Almen
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Title: Christian Mission and a Diakonia of Reconciliation: A Global Reframing of Justification and Justice, Author: Paul S. Chung
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Title: Called to Ecumenism: A Sense of Vocation at Luther College, Author: Ruth R. Kath
Title: If We Dance: A Collection of Poems, Author: Wines Joan
Title: I Paid All My Debts: A Norwegian-American Immigrant Saga of Life on the Prairie of North Dakota, Author: Lloyd A. Svendsbye

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