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Title: Brighter Wounds, Artist: Son Lux
Title: Call Me Cat, Author: Alex Lux
Title: More Disco Songs About Love, Artist: De Lux
Title: Lanterns, Artist: Son Lux
Title: The Cramps: Live at Napa State Mental Hospital
Title: Loud Rowdy Hearts, Author: Vivian Lux
Title: Leave Me Love, Author: Alex Lux
Title: Bones, Artist: Son Lux
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Title: Tell Me True, Author: Alex Lux
Title: Generation, Artist: De Lux
Title: Watermarks
Title: The Meade Lux Lewis Collection 1927-1961, Artist: Meade
Title: Hitched, Author: Alex Lux
Title: Gliding from Glendale to Chicago, Artist: Meade
Title: Curse of the Iron King, Artist: Lux Perpetua
Title: The Crowning Quietus, Artist: Inconcessus Lux Lucis
Title: A Strange Gathering, Artist: Tre Lux
Title: Gothic Divas Presents Switchblade Symphony, Tre Lux & New Skin, Artist: Tre Lux
Title: Natural Nymphs 2: Chione, Author: Lux Zakari
Title: Voyage, Artist: De Lux

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