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Title: Gold of the Padres, Author: Wes Yancey
Title: Second Marriage, Author: Denise Robins
Title: The Shadow Horseman, Author: Jack Bonner
Title: The Seven Sleepers, Author: E. X. Ferrars
Title: Winter's Crime, Author: Hilary Hale
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Title: The Last Gambit, Author: David Delman
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Title: Thirteen French Street, Author: Gil Brewer
Title: Put Back the Clock, Author: Denise Robins
Title: A Kind of Thief, Author: Vivien Alcock
Hardcover $13.11 $13.95 Current price is $13.11, Original price is $13.95.
Title: Spring at Granite Peaks, Author: Ivy Preston
Title: The Leipzig Manuscript, Author: Angus Ross
Title: Dare to Trust, Author: Anne McAllister
Title: Trouble at Valverde, Author: Buck Bradshaw
Title: Wind of Death, Author: Robert Jackson
Title: The Sun Devils, Author: John Kilgore
Title: Doom Indigo, Author: Angus Ross
Title: Together Again, Author: Flora Kidd
Title: The Hard-Hearted Doctor, Author: Mary U. Essex
Title: Edwardian Murders, Author: Roy Harley Lewis
Title: With Menaces, Author: James Pattison

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