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Title: Buffalo Grass, Author: Jack Bonner
Title: More Holy Whit, Author: James A. Simpson
Title: Echoes from the Past, Author: Phyllis Demaine
Title: Magnus Powermouse, Author: Dick King
Title: Akin to Love, Author: Mary Mackie
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Title: Mighty Lobo, Author: Max Brand
Title: The Leipzig Manuscript, Author: Angus Ross
Title: Absarokas, Author: M. M. Rowan
Title: Dearest Pretender, Author: Angela Dracup
Title: Touch of Jade, Author: Andrew Harrell
Title: Royal Murder Mysteries, Author: Raymond Lamont-Brown
Title: The Dark Sands of Shambala, Author: Cecil Lewis
Title: Owlhooter, Author: Elliot Conway
Title: Deadly Return, Author: Isobel Lambot
Title: Unholy Writ, Author: David Williams
Title: Gold of the Padres, Author: Wes Yancey
Title: Wind of Death, Author: Robert Jackson
Title: Dare to Trust, Author: Anne McAllister
Title: Theatre Ghosts, Author: Roy Harley Lewis
Title: Mr. Majeika, Author: Humphrey Carpenter

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