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Title: Encyclopedia of Quantum Mechanics: Volume 2 (Concepts and Principles), Author: Ian Plummer
Title: Plastic Surgery: Modern Concepts, Author: Adam Bachman
Title: Zoology: Modern Concepts and Contributions, Author: Mia Steers
Title: Echocardiography: Advanced Approaches, Author: McKinsey Harper
Title: Cystic Fibrosis: Advanced Researches, Author: Jeffrey Swann
Title: Natural Gas Technology: Volume II, Author: Oliver Haghi
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Title: Encyclopedia of Tuberculosis: Volume IV (International Perspectives in Diagnosis), Author: Morris Beckler
Title: Allergic Diseases: Clinical Advances, Author: Kevin Parker
Title: Encyclopedia of Hemodialysis: Volume V (Patient Concerns), Author: Frank Kesley
Title: Knowledge Management: Advanced Researches, Author: May Sanders
Title: Encyclopedia of Herbicides: Volume I (Methods and Mode of Action), Author: Molly Ismay
Title: Heat Exchangers: Methods and Design, Author: Edgar Miller
Title: Emphysema: Therapies and Applications, Author: Michael Glass
Title: Encyclopedia of Hydrodynamics: Volume III (Current Topics), Author: Fay McGuire
Title: Meiosis: Origin, Function and Teaching Approaches, Author: Morgan Key
Title: Vasculitis: Developments in Diagnosis and Treatment, Author: Mary Kellar
Title: Encyclopedia of HIV Infection: Social Impacts and Implications, Author: Chris Stinson
Title: Adaptive Filtering: Concepts, Approaches and Applied Principles, Author: Howard Zea
Title: Encyclopedia of Diabetes: Volume 13 (Prevention and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes), Author: Rex Slavin
Title: E-Business: A Global Scenario, Author: Ralph Borsella

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