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Title: Toxicology, Biodegradation and Efficacy of Livestock Pesticides: Proceedings, Author: Lethbridg Advanced Study Institute on Toxicity of Pesticides Used on Livestock Staff
Title: Jihad for Jerusalem: Identity and Strategy in International Relations, Author: M.A. Khan
Title: My Caged Parakeet, Author: M. a. Khan
Title: Islamic Jihad, Author: M. a. Khan
Title: Forages and Fodder: Indian Perspective, Author: Anil Kumar Singh
Title: Pesticide and Xenobiotic Metabolism in Aquatic Organisms, Author: M. A. Khan
Title: International Encyclopaedia of Librarianship, Author: M. A. Khan
Title: OSCE's in Paediatrics, Author: M. A. Khan
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Title: Dissection Guide: Human Anatomy, Author: M. A. Khan
Title: Toxicology of Halogenated Hydrocarbons: Health and Ecological Effects, Author: M. A. Khan