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Title: Bug Book: Electronic Surveillance in Plain English, Author: M. L. Shannon
Title: Paper Trail: Personal and Financial Privacy in the Nineties, Author: M. L. Shannon
Title: Phone Book: The Latest High-Tech Techniques And Equipment For Preventing Electronic Eavesdropping, Recording Phone Calls, Ending Harassing Calls, And Stopping Toll Fraud, Author: M.L. Shannon
Title: Electronic Surveillance and Wireless Network Hacking: Protecting Your Privacy in a Wired and Wi-Fi World, Author: M. L. Shannon
Title: Digital Privacy: A Guide To Computer Security, Author: M. L. Shannon
Title: Don't Bug Me: The Latest High-Tech Spy Methods, Author: M.L. Shannon
Title: Bug Book : Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Electronic Eavesdropping...but Were Afraid to Ask / Edition 1, Author: M.L. Shannon
Title: Phone Book: Who Else Is Listening?, Author: M. L. Shannon