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Title: Religious Values of the Terminally Ill: A Handbook for Healthcare Professionals, Author: Delfi Mondragon
Title: Revelation and Truth: Unity and Plurality in Contemporary Theology, Author: Thomas G. Guarino
Title: Damon and Delia, Author: William Godwin
Title: Flannery O'Connor: A Memorial, Author: J.J. Quinn
Title: Church and Organization: A Sociological and Theological Enquiry, Author: Joseph F. McCann
Title: Letters of Teilhard de Chardin and Lucile Swan, Author: Mary Gilbert
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Title: Ethics and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Author: Michael Allsopp
Title: A Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of Early Editions of the Works of Frederic Chopin in the University of Chicago Library, Author: George W. Platzman
Title: Just One Justices: The Role of Justice at the Heart of Catholic Higher Education, Author: Mary McCullough
Title: Through the Windows: A History of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Author: Mary Daigler
Title: Christianity of Constantine the Great, Author: T. G. Elliott
Title: Evolution of Religion: A Re-Examination, Author: Bernard J. Verkamp
Title: Anton Chekhov: The Iconoclast, Author: Lee J. Williames
Title: From Ghetto to Emancipation: Historical and Contemporary Reconsideration of the Jewish Community, Author: David Myers
Title: New Jerusalem: Myth, Literature and the Sacred, Author: Nancy Tenfelde Clasby
Title: Red Empty: Chicago 2003, Author: Elms von Hausswolff
Title: God and Creation, Author: Thomas Aquinas
Title: From Then into Now, Author: Christian Michener
Title: Nicolas Poussin: Dialectics of Painting, Author: Oskar Batschmann
Title: Dhuoda: Ninth Century Mother and Theologian, Author: Marie Mayeski

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