Title: Walk Me Through The Darkness, Author: Nicole Dennis
Title: Another Dead Republican (Tom and Scott Series #13), Author: Mark Zubro
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Title: A Conspiracy of Fear (Tom and Scott Series #14), Author: Mark Zubro
Title: Walk Me Through The Haze, Author: Nicole Dennis
Title: International Relations, Author: Riley Shane
Title: Always, Author: Mark Zubro
Title: Crossroads, Author: Barry Brennessel
Title: Rise Out Of The Flames, Author: Jackie Nacht
1 in Series
Title: Killer Reunion, Author: Richard Stevenson
16 in Series
Title: Four Gold Rings, Author: T.A. Chase
Title: A Bittersweet Haunting, Author: Jackie Nacht
Title: Bittersweet Holiday, Author: T.A. Chase
3 in Series
Title: Bittersweet Dance, Author: Jackie Nacht
3 in Series
Title: Out of Bounds, Author: T.A. Chase
Title: High Line, Author: T.A. Chase
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Title: Firenze, Author: Barry Brennessel
Title: Then and Now, Author: Albert Nothlit
Title: The Soldier and the State Trooper, Author: Cherie Noel
Title: Mexican Heat, Author: Laura Baumbach
Title: One Good Favor, Author: J.L. Langley

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