Title: One Good Favor, Author: J.L. Langley
Title: Cherish & Give, Author: Megan Linden
Title: True & False, Author: Megan Linden
Title: Someone To Give Thanks For, Author: D.H. Starr
Title: Sex and Candy, Author: Diana DeRicci
Title: The Alpha's Perfect Mate, Author: Carol Pedroso
Title: Kyle's Gift, Author: T.A. Chase
Title: All In The Details, Author: AKM Miles
Title: Diable, Author: Pelaam
by Pelaam
Title: Whatever It Takes, Author: Nicole Dennis
Title: 500 Miles, Author: Parker Williams
Title: Tabloid Star, Author: T.A. Chase
Title: Doctor Hugh, Author: William Maltese
Title: The Prison Guard Templar, Author: William Maltese
Title: Mexican Heat, Author: Laura Baumbach
Title: Tommy's Story, Author: AKM Miles
Title: For Gom's Sake, Author: AKM Miles
Title: Cockeyed, Author: Richard Stevenson
Title: The Vampire and the G.I., Author: J.P. Bowie
Title: Storming Love: Austin & Troy, Author: Kendall McKenna

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