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Title: Introduction to International Relations: Perspectives, Connections, and Enduring Questions / Edition 2, Author: Joseph Grieco
Title: Political Ideologies: An Introduction / Edition 6, Author: Andrew Heywood
Title: Early Medieval Europe, 300-1000 / Edition 3, Author: Roger Collins
Title: A History of Korea / Edition 2, Author: Kyung Moon Hwang
Title: Theatre and Race, Author: Harvey Young
Title: A History of Spain / Edition 2, Author: Simon Barton
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Title: Queer Theory Now: From Foundations to Futures, Author: Hannah McCann
Title: Modern Social Work Theory / Edition 4, Author: Malcolm Payne
Title: History of Africa / Edition 4, Author: Kevin Shillington
Title: The Awakening: Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism Series / Edition 2, Author: Macmillan Education UK
Title: The Theory and Practice of Change Management / Edition 5, Author: John Hayes
Title: Writing Poetry: Creative and Critical Approaches / Edition 1, Author: Chad Davidson
Title: Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Author: Raymond Wilson
Title: Animal Cognition: Evolution, Behavior and Cognition / Edition 2, Author: Clive D.L. Wynne
Title: A History of Denmark, Author: Knud J. V. Jespersen
Title: The Economics of Social Problems / Edition 4, Author: Sheila Smith
Title: The Medieval Papacy, Author: Brett Whalen
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Title: Macroeconomics, Author: William Mitchell
Title: Communicating Politics in the Twenty-First Century, Author: Karen Sanders
Title: A History of China / Edition 3, Author: J. Roberts

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