Title: The Bridge: Uncollected, Author: Hart Crane
Title: Listen, Author: Steven Cramer
Title: Mixed Frequencies: New & Selected Poems, Author: Peter Michelson
Title: My Deniversity: Knowing Denise Levertov, Author: Mark Pawlak
Title: Alias City, Author: Carol Frost
Title: Grassy Stairways, Author: John Taylor
Title: Highway One, Antarctica, Author: Justin Herrmann
Title: Under the Music: Collected Prose Poems, Author: Maxine Chernoff
Title: A Passable Man, Author: Ralph Culver
Title: Hospitium, Author: Alissa Valles
Title: Some Flowers, Author: Walt Hunter
Title: Cardinal Points Literary Journal Volume 4, Author: Irina Mashinski
Title: Quarry Cross, Author: Robin Behn
Title: The Kafka Sutra, Author: Robert Archambeau
Title: The Glass Piano, Author: Ben Mazer
Title: Doors Out of the Underworld, Author: Scott Withiam
Title: Eastbound into the Cosmos, Author: Thomas Burke
Title: Call Me Spes, Author: Sara Cahill Marron
Title: Hue & Cry, Author: Diane K. Martin
Title: Barbarian Seasons, Author: David Blair

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