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Title: Superman versus Mongul (Superman Classic Series), Author: Michael Teitelbaum
Title: Batman Classic: Gotham's Villains Unleashed!, Author: John Sazaklis
Title: Superman Classic: Superman and the Mayhem of Metallo, Author: Sarah Hines Stephens
Title: Megamind: I Am Megamind, Author: Sierra Harimann
Title: Davey & Goliath: The Winner, Author: Janet Halfmann
Title: Spider-Man 2: Spider Sense with Gel Pen (Spider-Man 2 Series), Author: Devan Aptekar
Title: Spider-Man 2: Ahead by Thread (Spider-Man 2 Series), Author: Tisha Hamilton
Title: Tonka Tough Trucks, Author: Michael Titelbaum
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Title: The Princess Promenade: Storybook and Playset (My Little Pony Series), Author: Reader's Digest
Title: Lost Kingdom (Lego Knights' Kingdom Series), Author: Daniel Lipkowitz
Title: Spider-Man 2: Great Power/Superpower, Author: Mada Design Staff