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Title: A is for Apocalypse (Alphabet Anthologies, #1), Author: Brenda Stokes Barron
Title: Vampires, Zombies, & Wanton Souls, Author: Marge Simon
Title: C is for Chimera (Alphabet Anthologies, #3), Author: Alexandra Seidel
Title: O' Dark Heaven: A Response To Suzette Haden Elgin's Defintion of Horror, Author: Juan Manuel Perez
Title: Four Elements, Author: Charlee Jacob
Title: Children's Christmas Party, Author: E. McFadden
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Title: Vectors : A Week in the Death of a Planet, Author: Charlee Jacob
Title: Anthropomorphisms, Author: Bruce Boston
Title: Night to Dawn 29, Author: Barbara Custer
Title: Infinite Sight, Author: Barbara Custer
Title: War, Author: Alessandro Manzetti
Title: Blood Wallah & Other Poems, Author: Robert Borski
Title: Civilized Beasts: Volume II, Author: Marge Simon
Title: Best of the Midwest's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, Author: Brian Smart
Title: Dangerous Dreams, Author: Marge Simon
Title: Metastasis, Author: Rhonda Parrish
Title: WAR: Dark Poems, Author: Alessandro Manzetti