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Title: Just For Today, Author: Kevin McNamee
Title: A Fox in the Night, Author: Mayra Calvani
Title: Michael's New Neighbor, Author: Sarah Gasparetti
Title: First Spring, Author: Margaret Rose
Title: Kitty Kerplunking, Author: Marina Movshina
Title: Too Many Kitties, Author: Jeff Clineff
Title: Silly Moments, Author: Anna C. Morrison
Title: Angels Do That, Author: Tracey M Cox
Title: Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving, Author: Cheryl C Malandrinos
Title: Buster Bear and Uncle B, Author: J. Aday Kennedy
Title: Mokey's New Friends, Author: Connie Arnold
Title: Golden Daffodils, Author: Liam Maher
Title: Romeo's Rescue, Author: Emma Reed
Title: Bunny Business: Conjunction Fun, Author: Cynthia Reeg
Title: Teresa's Shadow, Author: Jennifer Gladen