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Title: Trapped in Antarctica!: Nickolas Flux and the Shackleton Expedition, Author: Nel Yomtov
Title: Killing Keiko: The True Story of Free Willy's Return to the Wild, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: Amazon Prime, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: Flight to Freedom!: Nickolas Flux and the Underground Railroad, Author: Mari Bolte
Title: Titanic Disaster!: Nickolas Flux and the Sinking of the Great Ship, Author: Nel Yomtov
Title: Peril in Pompeii!: Nickolas Flux and the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius, Author: Nel Yomtov
Title: Nickolas Flux History Chronicles, Author: Nel Yomtov
Title: Dead Easy, Author: Wm. Mark Simmons
Title: The Battle of Matapan 1941: The Trafalgar of the Mediterranean, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: Dead on My Feet, Author: Wm. Mark Simmons
Title: Cosplay: Catgirls and Other Critters: The Anime Costuming Handbook, Author: Hiroaki Sato
Title: A Song of Ice and Fire Chronicle Starter: A Sourcebook for A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, Author: John Hay
Title: Punk Marketing: Get off Your Ass and Join the Revolution, Author: Richard Laermer
Title: When Dreams Collide, Author: W. Mark Simmons
Title: The Rebecca Code: Rommel's Spy in North Africa and Operation Condor, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: From The Foam Of The Sea, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: Shadows Washed in Blood, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: World of Darkness, Author: Mark Simmons
Title: One Foot in the Grave, Author: Wm. Mark Simmons
Title: Nicolson's Gold, Author: Mark Simmons

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